Andy_shoot_0131How did you get into this work?

I never realised how powerful and life changing the coaching process could be. Like many managers in my company, I was trained in and used coaching techniques in my work with my stakeholders and team. When I left the company that I worked 23 years for I found a coach who helped to help me create my new working life. What I experienced was something completely different of a completely different depth and power, I came to understand how coaching can support people to make positive, significant and lasting changes in their lives. I also had no idea how creative, fun, playful, challenging and empowering the coaching space can be, how it can unlock your potential, help you move beyond the fear and issues that changing your job and career can create, even when you know that leaving is the right thing to do!

I loved the working with my coach, it was a truly empowering journey. It helped me to understand that I wanted to work with other people to support them to make the changes they needed to live happier lives. As a Project Manager, working on Major change projects for my company, I managed change on a large scale level, there was always a large people impact to my projects but my work was ultimately defined by the goals and agenda of the Company. Here was a work that was about the individual, the personal and work changes they wanted in their lives and in a non-judgemental space that respected their uniqueness, potential, beliefs and values.

My work as a coach really resonates with my beliefs and values. There is no greater reward for me to work with people to support them in overcoming difficulties and issues, realising their potential and power to crate and live happier more rewarding lives.


What are some of your proudest achievements as a coach?

Probably working with H (see Case Study 1). The problem she brought to me was a complex one and I really had no idea where thigns would lead or indeed what the result might be. I trusted the coaching process and it’s power and allowed things to unfold and grow into what became a very dynamic, creative and non-directive coaching space – the results were truly transformative and enabled H to move from a position where she did not know whether she wanted to have children, to fully enbracing the idea to the point of co-creating with her husband a plan for the environment that they would bring up their family in. It was truly inspiring to work with H and shows the power of this work.

What’s your working philosophy and approach to working with clients?

I am trained in a person centred approach to coaching, that means that I put the clients needs at the core of what we do. I work with my clients in a way that is non-directive, non-judgemental and respectful of their needs and the outcome they desire. I am very in my clients corner, collaborating and working with to allow them to think bigger, explore and stretch their comfort zones, get in touch with their values, beliefs, resources and potential, get creative and playful and find the power to change their lives for the better.

I am passionate about personal growth.


What’s your educational background, degrees, advanced education and training, etc.?

I trained and qualified as a Transformational Life Coach on a course that is accredited by Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) and recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and Complementary Therapists Association (CthA).

I am educated to degree level (BA Hons) in the field of Art & Design and I am a highly experienced and PRINCE 2 qualified Project Manager.

I worked for 23 years in a large Public sector company in a variety of roles including Operational Planning, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and more recently as a Project Manger on major change projects


Do you have some extracurricular activities that are impressive?

I am also an experienced Yoga practioner of over 25 years and a teacher of 15 years. Yoga is a scientific method for positive change in the mind and body – a flexible body really does help you think more flexibly, deal with and embrace whatever this changing world throws at you!