Here are a couple of case studies with client situations that I have worked with:

Case Study 1 – Ms. H

What was your challenge / problem? I was struggling to understand how I could balance having a family and my current lifestyle. Is having a family the right path for me? Am I ready to make this commitment?

What was difficult about it? Two things 1) my career and how this could be easily balanced with a family 2) personal reservations about my ability and desire to be a good mother.

What work did we do together and how did this help you with your problem? You provided a structured environment in which to explore my problems and work through them in a variety of ways. Most important thing here is that I felt completely comfortable and never felt judged. I also never felt that you wanted me to take a certain path, but that you wanted me to choose my own path.

I think this was your first experience of coaching – what did you think or feel about your experience of being coached? Very positive. I’m not sure I would have been able to reach a conclusion so smoothly or successfully on my own. I have been struggling to find a way of ordering/organising my thoughts and coaching provides this.

What did you most enjoy about the sessions? The chance to talk, selfishly, about yourself and your own issues in a structured, unjudged environment

I remember that at times sessions being very creative and playful, was that your experience? I feel exactly the same, I think the word dynamic is a good one to describe it. Also well paced.

What did you learn from being coached? To procrastinate less! How to structure/order my thoughts. How to share my thoughts more comfortably with others.

How comfortable were you in the coaching space? Incredibly. Relaxed, calm, unjudged.

What qualities do I have as a coach that you like? Your enthusiasm, encouragement, kindness, passion, lack of judgement. I can’t emphasise enough what a great teacher/leader you are. Teachers should lead by example and you do this in bucket loads!

What results did you get from working with me? Well my husband and I are trying for a baby after 5 years of him trying to encourage me that this is the right decision! But more importantly I feel 100% confident this is the right decision.

What have you changed as a result of the coaching sessions? The confidence to take a step into the unknown and to treat it like an adventure!


Case Study 2 – Ms. E, Legal Professional

E is legal professional working in the charity sector. E is in her 30s and had a reached a point where she needed to make some decisions about her to develop future career. She also aspired to achieve a better work life balance. E had felt stuck for some time and needed help to move forward.

What did I do?

I helped E reconnect with and understand the things that were really important to her. This big picture led to a massive shift for her when she came to understand that she was using her job, with it’s long hours as an excuse to avoid doing the things she really loved. This was why she was frustrated, dissatisfied and unhappy. Our sessions shifted to a far broader ‘whole life’ perspective and E was able to understand and tackle the limiting beliefs around work that were at the root of her poor work life balance.

What was the result?

E has radically changed her relationship with work. She no longer stays late and is getting past the guilt and limiting beliefs that motivated this behaviour. She is putting her needs first, feels empowered, has a greater sense of freedom and has time and energy to devote to the things that are important to her and her personal growth. As E herself says, ‘I am amazed at the great changes I have made in my own life in a short period’. E is far happier and optimistic about the future and has moved beyond her ‘stuck’ place.

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